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    • What we need from you and guidance!

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    Helpful How To Guides

    • How to add this course to your phone as an app

    • How to download course content (Desktop)

    • How To Comment on YouTube Live Streams (For people without a Gmail Account)

    • How to record yourself singing for best results

    • How to submit your singing video (Desktop)

    • How to submit your singing video (Mobile)

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    Vocal Tutorials and Warmups

    • Vocal warmup #1

    • Vocal warmup #2

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    You Will Be Found - Teaching Videos/Audio

    • Teaching Video - Bass Part 1

    • Teaching Video - Bass Part 2

    • Teaching Video - Lower Alto Part 1

    • Teaching Video - Lower Alto Part 2

    • Teaching Video - Upper Alto Part 1

    • Teaching Video - Upper Alto Part 2

    • Teaching Video - Soprano Part 1

    • Teaching Video - Soprano Part 2

    • Conducting Video - Bass

    • Conducting Video - Lower Alto

    • Conducting Video - Upper Alto

    • Conducting Video - Soprano

    • MP3 Track - Full Choir

    • MP3 Track - Bass

    • MP3 Track - Lower Alto

    • MP3 Track - Upper Alto

    • MP3 Track - Soprano

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    Downloadable Practice Resources

    • Mp3 Downloads

    • You Will Be Found Lyrics

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    Musical Scores (NOT FOR RE-USE)

    • You Will Be Found - Bass Score

    • You Will Be Found - Lower Alto Score

    • You Will Be Found - Upper Alto Score

    • You Will Be Found - Soprano Score

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    Submit Your Singing Video

    • How to submit your singing video (Desktop)

    • How to submit your singing video (Mobile)

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Meet Your Instructor

Jenny Deacon

Jenny Deacon is a well respected, experienced professional musician, singer, composer and Musical Director with a career spanning over 15 years. Jenny achieved a BA Hons in music from Southampton University in 2009, and has been teaching choirs professionally for almost 10 years. Over the course of her career, she has developed a unique and highly effective leadership style which inspires and elicits performances from choirs and colleagues to meet her exacting standards. Jenny has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, at internationally famous festivals and many distinguished events.


  • How much does this course cost?

    A one off payment of £20.00

  • What do I get with this course?

    Access to our live streams for this song (you can also re-watch on catch up if you missed it live!) where you can interact with other like-minded singers
 ~ Learning resources including individual harmony teaching videos and podcasts (so you can listen on the go in the car, walking the dog or even in the shower!) 
 ~ Lyrics and Scores (there’s zero requirement to read music, but they’re available if you can!)
 ~ Downloadable practice MP3 tracks and conducting videos so you can practice your part thoroughly once you’ve learned the song ~ The opportunity to submit your performance videos which will be included in the final SCC Online virtual performance! (This is optional, you don’t have to perform, but the finished product is always totally rewarding!)

  • Can I gift this course to a friend or family member?

    Yes you can! Please get in touch with us at for any gifting requests!

  • What if I buy and don't like it?

    Unfortunately due to all of the work and effort that has already gone into creating the course we would be unable to offer refunds. We also have miscellaneous fees that we incur with every sign up we get.