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Just over two years ago we released 'Come Alive' in aid of Music Support UK and The Samaritans USA to bring awareness to suicide prevention. Our video got picked up by Dave Grohl himself and he shared it on the Foo Fighters social media pages! Now we want to re-create the same performance into global choir to bring further awareness to suicide prevention. Once we have everybody's singing videos we are going to release the video on the 10th September (World Suicide Prevention Day 2020) in aid of various Suicide prevention charities all over the globe.
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Welcome to the course!

Why join this course?

  • Learn at home or on the go!

    With downloadable MP3 songs of individual harmony parts, you can learn literally anywhere!

  • Become part of a wonderful community

    Join and connect to like minded people via Facebook from across the globe to link up online to make friends, sing together, and help each other whilst supporting others!

  • Support those who need it

    20% of all proceeds will go to various charities around the world to get people the professional help needed who are suffering from suicidal thoughts.

What's in The Come Alive Course?

Everything you'll need to learn and be a part of this performance!

  • 1

    Introduction To The Course (Please See first)

  • 2

    Notice Board

    • Latest news Tuesday 18th August

  • 3

    How To Use Everything In This Course!

    • How to join the Facebook group

    • How to add this course to your phone as an app

    • How to download course content (Desktop)

    • How to record yourself singing

    • How to submit your singing video (Apple Devices)

    • How to submit your singing video (Android)

  • 4

    Come Alive Original Sweet Charity Choir Video

  • 5

    Vocal techniques and care

    • Before we begin...

    • Recommended practice time

    • Posture - Things to remember and to avoid

    • Before you go

  • 6

    Warm Ups

  • 7

    Come Alive - Foo Fighters Teaching

    • Teaching video - Bass

    • Teaching video - Lower Alto/Tenor

    • Teaching video - Upper Alto

    • Teaching video - Soprano

    • MP3 Bass section

    • MP3 Lower alto/Tenor section

    • MP3 Upper alto section

    • MP3 Soprano section

    • MP3 Full choir

    • Conducting video - Bass

    • Conducting video - Lower alto/Tenor

    • Conducting video - Upper alto

    • Conducting video - Soprano

    • Downloadable resources

    • How to record yourself singing!

  • 8

    Previous Live streams!

    • George and Jen Q&A

    • Titanium Live Stream

  • 9

    Come Alive Live Stream

    • Come Alive - Live Stream 24th August

  • 10

    Have your say

    • Your feedback!

    • Your charity suggestion

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    Contact Us

    • I need help with something on the course

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    Sweet Charity Choir Online - Full Membership (50% off)

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Founder and Head Leader

Jenny Deacon

Jenny Deacon is a well respected, experienced professional musician, singer, composer and Musical Director with a career spanning over 15 years. Jenny achieved a BA Hons in music from Southampton University in 2009, and has been teaching choirs professionally for almost 10 years. Over the course of her career, she has developed a unique and highly effective leadership style which inspires and elicits performances from choirs and colleagues to meet her exacting standards. Jenny has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, at internationally famous festivals and many distinguished events.
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The original video

This course will give you access to everything you're going to need to make your learning experience as good as it can be!

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home!

  • Downloadable resources for learning on the go!

  • Easy to follow step by step tutorials

  • Have access to a like minded community!

  • Support a worthy cause. 20% will go to charity


  • Will I be required to leave my home?

    No, there is no need for you to leave your house for this course!

  • Will you try to reach the Holy Grohl again?!

    Well, you never know!

  • Do I have to send in singing videos?

    This is absolutely not mandatory but as we are releasing this as an online performance we do kindly ask that you send in your singing videos to make the performance that much more special. However, if you're not quite comfortable with this yet there is absolutely no pressure to do so!

  • I REALLY want to take part but have limited time to learn :(

    We have a solution for you! We have made MP3 songs of separate harmony parts that you can download. These will be yours to keep and listen to on the go, whilst commuting to work, doing chores, or even in the bath!

  • When will the global virtual performance be and where can I watch it?

    The performance will be premiered on the 10th September at 7pm UK time in aid of World Suicide Prevention Day. We will be streaming it live publicly on Facebook and Youtube!

  • Will I be able to become a full member of Sweet Charity Choir Online when it's released?

    Absolutely, not only that but you will receive a 7 day free trial and 50% off of your first month! The course will be released on 10th September 2020!